Breach of Contract Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Contracts are vital to every business. Not only do they provide predictability, they also establish trust, structure, and goodwill between business partners. Unfortunately, the terms and obligations of contracts are frequently disputed. Starzyk & Associates, P.C. has spent years assisting companies in navigating and litigating complex contract disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breach of Contract

How do you prove breach of contract?

To prove breach of contract in Texas, a person must demonstrate a valid contract exists, that he performed under the agreement, the other party breached the agreement, and that damages resulted because of the breach.

What damages are available to remedy breach-of-contract claims?

Parties harmed by a breach of contract have several remedies. Generally, a party will seek to recover damages for what he was  expected to receive as a result of the contract, money spent in reliance upon the contract, restitution of any property, or specific performance , which involves a court order requiring the other party to fulfill the terms of the contract.

What is the statute of limitations for a breach-of-contract claim?

The limitations period in Texas is generally four years.