Michael A. Starzyk

A graduate of South Texas College of Law, principal attorney Michael A. Starzyk has been in practice for over 25 years, living and working in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas. Mike recognized during the early days of his practice that employment law was an area that was severely underserved.  His instincts have proven correct. Since the early 2000's the firm has secured a number of 7-figure settlements involving the FLSA, and garnered multiple wins for clients experiencing harassment and discrimination. Mike serves corporate clients as well by educating them on best practices and at times, navigating difficult human resource matters.


Employment Law

Whether you're an individual needing representation or an employer who wants to stay compliant, we'll help you understand workplace laws pertaining to discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

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Overtime Cases

Are you an employee who feels that your overtime or other wage and hour rights have been violated? If you're seeking redress or compensation for unfair wage payment, we are the firm to talk to.

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Commercial Litigation

We represent employees, small businesses and large corporations in issues concerning non-competition agreements, breach of contract, fraud and misappropriation of confidential information.

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Wondering if you have a case? Let us help you to decide.

We counsel all levels in the organization. Let us protect your interests and give your peace of mind.

The greatest leaders not only win, but win with excellence and with ease. 

-The Art of War | Sun Tzu

Consulting an employment lawyer before a business knows it has a problem, is the best possible scenario. To that end, we proactively train best practices from first-line employees to the C-Suite to prevent conflict in the workplace. Even so, we know some businesses will falter, and when that occurs the quicker we intervene, the stronger the chance for settlement. We work to resolve all disputes with favorable terms. However, if efforts break down we litigate aggressively to protect our clients' interests. Starzyk & Associates has been winning cases since 2001. Let's discuss your options as soon as possible.

Starzyk & Associates, P.C.

Successfully recovering overtime dollars since 2001.

Our firm represents clients before government agencies and in State and Federal courts throughout Texas and the United States.


Starzyk & Associates, P.C. represents clients in administrative investigations with the Department of Labor, lawsuits (both individual and collective/class actions), and as compliance legal counsel in overtime and other wage and hour law matters under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") and any applicable state wage and hour laws. We have won a number of 7-figure collective/class actions under the FLSA.